SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “Last Presser of the Season” Edition

Good Tuesday morning Steelers’ fans. 

Steelers’ Head Coach Mike Tomlin will hold his final press conference  today. If you’re expecting Earth-shattering news I wouldn’t get your hopes up. I also wouldn’t expect much in the way of explanations for the horrendous gameplan on Sunday either. Tomlin shields his own coaches and players as well as anyone. 

I’m really at a loss as to why some fans are blaming Ben Roethlisberger for the loss Sunday. His one interception was his one really bad ball of the game and it came at a time when he was pressing anywhere. Furthermore, Le’Veon Bell was out and Antonio Brown was double-teamed. That left Eli Rogers, Cobi Hamilton, Sammie Coates and Jesse James. All due respect but that’s a big drop off from Ladarius Green, Bell and even Martavis Bryant. Not sure what more Ben could have done. His guys dropped over 100 yards worth of passes. 

Has Danny Smith been fired yet? Asking for a friend. 

Ladarius Green claims to be looking forward to playing in 2017. I’m sorry but I’m not real confident in that. I honestly think it would be best served for the Steelers to move on from Green. They can’t afford to have him wasting a roster spot all season again. Obviously I wish for the best for him but he just can’t stay healthy. 

Tweet of the Day… Incredibly true.

I think a lot of fans get confused when we talk about ‘scheme’ vs ‘gameplan.’ The defensive scheme used by Keith Butler isn’t so much the problem from Sunday night. The gameplan was the issue. Why Butler (and Mike Tomlin) decided to go with so much zone rather than man-to-man is something we’ll probably never get a straight answer to. At the very least, they should have tried some man coverage. Even rookie Artie Burns was a bit confused as to why they didn’t try it. 

Here was my ‘thank you‘ letter I posted on our Facebook page yesterday. Just scroll down a bit.

The season may be over but here’s what you’ve already missed from the crew at SCB. Chris on ‘planning for the Patriots.’ Cnic on draft needs. And here was my most recent on what the Steelers will likely do with their free agents.

I am NOT in any way blaming the Steelers’ loss on officiating. That is a loser’s excuse and had little bearing on the outcome. I do have three issues/questions though. 1. Why were the Pats not flagged for a group celebration following LeGarrette Blount’s touchdown? 2. Why was holding not called AT ALL on the Patriots? (see how often James Harrison was held) 3. How was Julian Edelman “defenseless” when hit by Ryan Shazier? Was Shazier supposed to stop dead in his tracks once Edelman didn’t have the ball? Furthermore, Edelman was almost on his butt when hit, was Shazier supposed to change his ankle in less than a second? Again, this type of penalty is too subjective and has too much bearing on the outcome of games.

Anyway, have a great day Steeler Nation!


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