SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “Overreaction” Edition

Good Morning Steelers’ Fans! Let’s get right to it. 

Steelers’ Head Coach Mike Tomlin was pretty blunt yesterday when discussing the Antonio Brown video issue. Tomlin apologized for his language and I’m told, was deeply bothered that comments made in the locker room got out in that manner. The more pressing issue however was Brown himself who doesn’t seem to get it. Yes, he issued an apology last night but what he has to work on is maturity and common sense. Regardless, the overreaction to this entire episode is laughable. There’s a football game to be played. Let’s focus on that.

I see Patriots’ fans have chimed in on the whole thing. One tweet I saw said, “If a Patriots’ player had done what Brown did he wouldn’t be playing Sunday.” Give me a minute to stop spitting coffee on my keyboard…. This from the fan base that recently gave a contract to a guy convicted of murder and is on charges for others and spied on other teams for who knows how long. Don’t get too comfortable up there on the ‘moral high ground.’

The closer this game gets the more I believe it falls on the shoulders of Ben Roethlisberger. Le’Veon Bell will get his yards on the ground but I believe Big Ben will have to make some big throws in this game. He has to be confident not just with his throws but also where those throws are going. The Pats disguise coverages very well.

SCB Contributor Brian chimes in with his take on the Steelers “knocking on the door.”

Tweet of the Day… But Vince! You’re a Professional! You aren’t supposed to have ANY interests outside of football!!

Check out for today’s AFC Championship Game interviews with Big Ben, Mike Mitchell and Le’Veon Bell.

Little surprised to see James Harrison on the injury report. He was working out as soon as the team returned from Kansas City and looked just fine to me. I do not expect him to miss this game.

Sean Davis and Vince Williams are both dealing with shoulder issues while Ricardo Mathews still has a bum ankle. Ladarius Green… Concussion protocol… ya ya ya….

Being that this is the 16th Conference title game for the Steelers and that they’ve been to the Super Bowl eight times, their record in these games therefore is 8-7. Mike Tomlin is 2-0.

Have a great Wednesday Steeler Nation!


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