Voice of the Fan Poll: Which Steelers rookie has helped themselves the most in preseason?

In our next poll, we want to see which rookie you think has helped themselves the most so far in preseason.  This poll will remain ongoing through the rest of preseason; you can vote as often as you wish, and vote for multiple players if you choose.

This poll isn’t to say, who’s the best so far from the young players, but rather who’s helped their cause the most.  For example; we know Ryan Shazier is going to make the team, but maybe someone like So’oto, who has to work harder to try and make the squad, has shown just as much if not more.

Be sure and comment here in the article and let us know why you think your vote has benefited the most from their preseason exposure. We encourage debates!

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4 comments on “Voice of the Fan Poll: Which Steelers rookie has helped themselves the most in preseason?

  1. We added a few more playes to the poll. Originally it was going to just be a select few that have stood out in preseason but we decided to add more since there have been several standouts so far. Vote often and for as many players as you like.

  2. It has to be Howard Jones. Coming in undrafted out of college to a team like the Steelers where there is an abundance of linebackers, he had to do something to stand out. I would say he has done that so far, and very likely earned himself a roster spot. He will be an asset on special teams, and I would think if he ever gets his shot on the field on defense he would hold his own there as well.

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