Steelers Should Let Jason Worilds Walk in 2015

WorildsEd Bouchette reported late last week that the Steelers have offered Jason Worilds a long-term deal which his camp turned down.

The Steelers have very little depth at outside linebacker, and even less starting experience at the position outside of Worilds.

I still think that despite that, the Steelers should let the 5th year linebacker walk in 2015.

SteelDad has been wary of Worilds for some time. Personally, I felt that Worilds had the look of a future star and said back in December they couldn’t let him walk.

I still believe that Jason Worilds has the potential to be a 10-12 sack per year player and he’s just turned 26 years old.

If Worilds was willing to sign a contract that matches his production I’d be all for it; but it’s clear that him turning down the Steelers offer probably means he wants to be paid based on potential, not production.

I don’t necessarily think that Worilds is selfish or wrong… In his mind his stock could skyrocket after a big year in 2014 and he’s right.

The situation is reminiscent of Joe Flacco saying “no thanks” to the Ravens in 2012 and then seriously cashing in after a legendary playoff run.

When healthy, Jason Worilds was a pass-rushing force last season. He accumulated 8 sacks in 11 starts, and provided plenty of non-sack pressures throughout the year.

People love to call Maurkice Pouncey is injury prone (who prior to DeCastro’s knee torpedo in 2013 missed 5 out of 52 starts in his career). Worilds miss almost that many in 2011 alone.

He’s also rarely gone through an entire training camp without being sidelined… and he’s already been sitting and watching through most of OTA’s so far.

It’s completely possible that he’s ready to go for camp, and has a great season. If Worilds does look like a pro bowler in 2014, the Steelers always have the option of using another tag.

I could change my mind again, but as of now I think that the Steelers shouldn’t commit a ton of money to a guy that history shows will miss 4 or more games per season.

That would leave the Steelers with only the unproven Jarvis Jones at the position as a viable starter (Arthur Moats is a possibility but also a free agent in 2015), but I think making the position a free agency and draft priority is a better option than possibly having another LaMarr Woodley situation.

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9 comments on “Steelers Should Let Jason Worilds Walk in 2015

  1. You steelbydesign have had some outrageous sayings over the year but this article as of today takes the cake. Let Worilds walk after this season are you nuts. Your idea to replace him is FA and the draft that is not going to fly with the fans. They will pay Worilds but not the way they paid Woodley they will be much smarter than that when it comes time for his new contract. Show the fans a list of FA OLB that the Steelers can afford to pay for a at best 1-3 years, Then show a list of 2015 OLB draft prospects and we’ll see if any of those guys can take Worilds spot.

    • You make it sound as if there’s only one side making the decision on whether or not he stays. It comes down to whether or not the Steelers and Worilds agree on what he’s worth.

      You’re right, the Steelers won’t make the mistake they did with Woodley, which means if he wants too much then they’ll let him walk like I suggested.

      Since you seem to have all the answers… what if Worilds demands to be paid 13.5 million per year like Clay Matthews? Then what?

  2. You sit down and ask him what makes you worth 13.5 million per year? By letting Worilds walk your telling Jones that “sorry we have no one else to help you out at the OLB spot” The Steelers will only sign FA who are spot helpers for the team and not starters, meanwhile the rookie OLB don’t automatically turn into beasts overnight they take time which is something Ben does not have. Worilds won’t be on the field for every Defensive play, he will get subbed by his back ups or they have Timmons play OLB in certain situations. So tell me why let go of someone after 2 years when he probably hasn’t evened hit his prime yet? The way this goes down will all depend on these 3 things: 1.Number of Starts he gets this year, 2.amount of time he misses due to injury and 3.his production. How does that sound to you?

    • How does what sound to me? I have no idea what your point is.

      OBVIOUSLY the ideal scenario isn’t to rely on a rookie or free agent pickup, but with subpar drafting that’s the position we’re in, like it or not. Jarvis will be in his 3rd season by then, so he should be ready to be out top pass rusher.

      Maybe we could just say “please” to Worilds and he’ll accept 6 mil per season.

    • I’ll take credit for this one 🙂 Although SteelDad did write on Worilds as well.

      I actually don’t really have a problem w/ Worilds when he’s on the field… but I don’t want to pay big money and then have him sit in sweats all the time.

  3. If you let Worilds go after next season there had better be a plan to replace him or there in trouble. The Steelers are not going to have the same amount of money they had this season and the way the way Steeler fans react when they draft a LB your left with an option of playing guys that are on the team who will only hinder Jones and not help. It breaks down like this: If his production increases slightly this season lets say by about 2-3 sacks and plays at least 80% of his starts then he will get a fair payday or his production increases dramatically by 4-6 sacks and plays every game he starts then yeah he may very well price himself out of this city. It could go either way and there is no way to tell until the Reg. Season plays out, but then again players who leave the Steelers in FA for what they call “greener pastures” have always burned out. Ex. Harrison and Holmes. It all boils down to production. Can you at least agree with that?

    • I’m not sure. If Worilds plays every game in 2014 and has 10+ sacks then maybe they’re willing to give him a big contract… but for me, I still might let him go (depends on the price)… Or I might try to tag him again.

      My problem with Worilds is mostly his health. I just fear they’re going to commit 7-10 mil per season to him and then watch him sit on the sideline in sweats.

  4. Well if Worilds is going to play chicken with the front office, he picked the wrong year, they won’t franchise tag him in 2015 and he is going to be shocked at the pass rush talent in the 2015 draft, and unless we are picking in the bottom 5 of the draft, we will have a good shot at more than a couple, .

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