LeGarrette Blount’s Helmet All the Rage on Social Media

Blount helmetIf you know anything about football, then you know that over the last 15 years or so the uniform has become as popular as anything else. As an admittedly old school curmudgeon who loves the fact the Steelers rarely alter their uniforms (bring back the block numerals!) I have to admit that some of the designs do pique my interest.

It was quite evident yesterday that my fellow Steelers’ fans are very taken with the 21st century rage of uniform changes and alterations but I haven’t seen anything like the excitement over a helmet that flashed before me dozens of times.

New Steelers’ running back LeGarrette Blount has a helmet that looks more like something worn by a medieval dungeon master and if I saw it once on Twitter I saw it a thousand times.

You’ll notice said helmet in the photograph here and you can draw your own conclusions but I have to admit that’s a pretty bad-ass looking piece of head wear. 

Consider the fact that the first helmets were nothing more than a piece of leather pulled down over the head and you’ll see just how far helmets and technology in general have come.

Blount’s helmet is not only ferocious in terms of it’s face mask but he also has the dark shield which would make even Batman a bit jealous. As fans, we love just about any piece of news that comes from our team and this is just another example of that. While this has nothing to do with plays or depth charts or contractual issues, it has everything to do with being a fan and sometimes that’s the most important thing.

I’m hoping we see this helmet in the end zone a lot in 2014.

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