Steelers Rookie Profile: Rob Blanchflower

8356407I might have to buy a Blanchflower jersey because the last Steelers selection saved me from getting skunked in my mock draft.

I like Blanchflower as a versatile late round pick that has a real shot at making the team, much like David Johnson in the 2009 draft’s 7th round.

Blanchflower is extremely well-rounded, without any glaring holes in his game. He dropped to round 7 because he’s not really elite anywhere.

Probably his best asset is as an in-line blocker, but also does pretty well blocking in space as well.

As a receiver Blanchflower was Umass’ second leading receiver in 2013. He has some decent athleticism, and despite average speed, he might be the fastest TE on the Steelers roster if he makes it.

His hands are above average, not dropping anything that he shouldn’t. His catch radius isn’t all that big though, and he’s not going to help his quarterback on a bad throw.

Blanchflower has solid size at 6’4″ 255 pounds. He has some decent athleticism, and I could definitely see him playing some H-back like David Johnson did for the Steelers.

I would say he’s not quite the blocker DJ was, but is a better receiver.

I’d be very happy with Heath, Spaeth, and Blanchflower on the roster in 2013.

I don’t want to say he’s in Heath’s league, because he’s not… but Heath Miller is a perfect mentor to Blanchflower.

If Rob Blanchflower can improve as a route runner and learn how to work against a zone defense his ceiling is a poor man’s Heath, and a solid number 2 tight end.

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  1. Your breakdown sounds like a younger version of Matt Spaeth which isn’t bad but would like to see someone that can produce more like Heath and have a bit of a double threat duo at TE. Everyone said Paulson was gonna b that guy. Haven’t seen it yet.

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