Steelers Need to Utilize Dri Archer

webonly-ksu-archerI kicked myself last night because I mocked Dri Archer a lot early on in the process because he looks just like the type of guys Haley loves.

Throughout the process though the Steelers seemed to look at more traditional backs, and I thought with Haley’s job teetering he wouldn’t have as much say in the process.

Well last night Todd Haley got his Dexter McCluster.

I think this was another pick that left some Steelers fans a little bit bewildered. I think that it was a slight reach, but only by maybe a half round. I saw Archer as a 4th, so the very end of the 3rd isn’t bad.

Ask yourself this… Is last year’s 8th overall pick, Tavon Austin that much better than Archer? I don’t think so. Austin played against better competition in college but speed is speed.

I actually think that a weapon like Archer could make a bigger impact on the offense in 2014 than any of the 2nd round receivers the Steelers may have been interested in.

I say could though.

Archer will immediately be the most dangerous kick returner the Steelers have had since Antonio Brown was doing all the return duties… and maybe better than even AB.

I want to see more from a guy that cost a 3rd round pick though.

Todd Haley needs to implement a package specifically to take advantage of the speed of Archer.

I’d love to see him in the slot, in the backfield, lined up wide in a receiver stack formation.

Get him in there with Bell or Blount also in the backfield. In some cases you could just put him in motion as a decoy to get the defense’s attention.

There were a lot of games last year where one big breakaway run could have turned the tide for the Steelers.

My point is that this selection can go either way, it just depends on how the Steelers choose to use Archer. If he’s a return man that plays 3 offensive snaps per game, then it’s a reach.

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