The Blitz – Steelers Fan Podcast – 2014 Pre Draft show

Join Marc as he flies solo for this pre draft show presented by SCB. Listen in to see what he has to say about all the latest rumors and hype surrounding the Steelers front office and how they’ll go in the early rounds as well as players to watch for, names to pencil in as potential prospects in the late rounds for the black and gold this week.

Will it CB, WR, perhaps another OT in round 1? We’ll have to see but Marc shares his insight and gives us the benefits of all his research over the last few months.

Be sure and stay tuned to SCB for all your draft week/weekend and post draft analysis.



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2 comments on “The Blitz – Steelers Fan Podcast – 2014 Pre Draft show

  1. If The Steelers can trade back with Cleveland and Leverage a 2nd or get the two 3rds. That would be nice. Then they can also trade out with a team looking to move into the first for a QB.
    Ultimate plan would be Trade with Cleveland for their 2nd then trade with Houston for 2nd & 4th. That gives us three 2nds,Comp 3rd, two 4ths. Or Trade for Cleveland’s two 3rds then Houstons 2nd & 4th = two 2nd,three 3rds,two 4ths.

    San Fran 2nd,3rd.

  2. IF Kelvin Benjamin is moved to TE would you take him at 15? then grab a Wr in the later rounds. Would be a nice trade down to grab him Rd1.

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