Looking at Worilds’ Contract Situation

WorildsWith the Steelers having a few hundred thousand dollars left in cap space, it’s safe to say they’re done with free agents until June when they get the room created by releasing LaMarr Woodley .

That’s assuming they don’t restructure any contracts.

That means other than draft preparation, Jason Worilds’ long term extension should be their only focus.

Worilds is on the books for close to 10 million in 2014, so assuming his cap number is less than that on a long-term deal; the Steelers can still re-sign him without any additional cap room.

I’ll be honest, when Worilds signed his tender guaranteeing he would be in Pittsburgh this season, I thought we’d see a long term deal coming within a week or two.

I’ve seen some saying the Steelers messed up because Worilds owns all the leverage and has no reason at all to sign an extension that’s not a huge number.

I disagree. It’s true that Worilds is in a good spot because the Steelers are very thin at the position.

However, there’s a reason you see most players upset about being tagged even though it’s usually a massive amount of money for one year.

A lot can change in one season. Let’s say Jason Worilds decides to play on the tender amount and hit the market again next season to cash in… But then Jason misses 6+ games this season with nagging injuries.

Would anyone really be shocked? He’s a guy that hadn’t really been healthy an entire season until 2013… And that’s when he wasn’t even a full-time starter.

What if his solid stretch of games last year were just a flash in the pan? What if JasonĀ does play in 16 games and racks up 4 sacks.

Either of those things would put his market stock at rock bottom. There’s always a good chance that a guy’s ego doesn’t let him think that way.

Maybe in Worilds’ mind he’s going to take his 10 mil and get 12 sacks, and cash in next year.

For me, things get really interesting if Worilds is still not locked up by May 8th. What if Anthony Barr is sitting there at 15? Or even if a guy like Dee Ford, Kyle Von Noy, or Trent Murphy is a value later on.

I would think if they did that it would push Worilds out the door after this season. He’s said he’d stay if he has a starting spot, and two high picks at OLB could make him nervous.

I think the best case scenario for both sides would be for Worilds to get locked up on a long-term deal, and the Steelers spend a mid-round pick on a project at OLB for depth.

If the Steelers haven’t locked him up by the draft their picks might give us an indication of what the Steelers think of Worilds long term prospects with the team.

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2 comments on “Looking at Worilds’ Contract Situation

  1. I agree 100%. I thought the extension would have been done within days especially with how quickly Worilds signed that tender leaving him absolutely no opportunity to shop around for a big long term deal. The rumor was 10 teams were interested in him. The only logic to draw from him signing so quickly is that they were close to a long term deal or the front office said if you don’t sign it, we will rescind the offer. The latter being unlikely. I am definitely not sold on Worilds though at this point. Why did he struggle from the right side but yet catch fire on the left? The right usually has the elite tackles in the league and he didn’t fare well against those. I hope that he continues his growth and is able to pick up where he left off as well as to stay healthy. Maybe these are the questions the organization is asking themselves and are reluctant to extend him for these reasons among more.

    • Agreed. I thought the same exact thing, what’s the advantage to Worilds NOT testing the open market? I figured he just must have a good idea of what the Steelers are offering and want to stay.

      I won’t say I’m completely sold on Worilds either, but letting him walk would really handicap the Steelers pass rush. I think I’m just deferring to them and trusting they know Worilds better than anyone.The fact that he played so much better on that side doesn’t bother me, sure you’d like to see him excel at both, but sometimes it’s just a comfort thing.

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