Could Steelers Look to Trade Down?

colbertAs draft stock rises and drops in Indianapolis based on combine numbers, my thoughts change daily on what direction the Steelers may go in round 1.

After seeing the wide receivers put on a show in Indy, I thought that there could very well be a first round talent at the Steelers pick in round 2… So maybe they should look CB in round 1.

Today though, Justin Gilbert, my favorite round 1 CB, ran an impressive 4.35 in the 40 yard dash. He also had one of the highest number of bench press reps among DB’s and the longest arms.

Now my thinking is that Justin Gilbert probably vaulted himself into the top 12, and out of the Steelers’ reach. Darquenze Dennard also ran and impressive time, but struggled in the field drills.

I’ve wondered all along whether Dennard could play off his man like the Steelers require, and his stiffness on the field today really made me hope he’s not the pick in May.

I saw much of the same earlier this week with Mike Evans probably running himself out of the Steelers grasp.

All of this is speculation of course, but right now as I see it there’s a lot of guys that fit the Steelers that will go in the 8-14 range, or guys that should go in the 20-32 range.

There are still some guys I like that fit the range at the 15th pick, such as Kelvin Benjamin, Eric Ebron, HaHa Clinton-Dix, and CJ Mosley.

However, there’s some other guys like Kyle Fuller, Louis Nix, Ra’shede Hageman, Allan Robinson, Odell Beckham Jr, etc. that I think would be great picks later in the first if the Steelers could pick up another 2nd or 3rd rounder in the process.

There’s also of course the chance that one of the guys I already mentioned takes a tumble, like Benjamin, and could still be had later in round 1.

Kevin Colbert has already said this is the deepest draft he’s seen in 30 years. If that’s not lip service, wouldn’t you want as many picks as you can get in this draft?

Now, the problem is that in order for that to happen you have to find a team that would want to move up. I’m sure Colbert isn’t the only GM that thinks it’s a deep draft.

The Steelers best bet would be a coveted player being available at 15 that doesn’t fit what they need. A few guys that come to mind would be Aaron Donald (who a team could try to jump Dallas for), David Carr, Calvin Pryor, Taylor Lewan, Kony Ealy, Timmy Jernigan, etc.

It would go against what the Steelers do typically. Kevin Colbert has shown a willingness to move up for guys, but the last time he moved down in round 1 was in 2001, and that was only 3 spots.

Maybe this year is different, considering how deep the class is and the fact that the Steelers don’t hold a 3rd round pick at the moment. The Steelers typically are also only filling one or two holes on the roster; not multiple ones like they’ll be trying to do this off-season.

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2 comments on “Could Steelers Look to Trade Down?

  1. I like the idea because of the need of the 3rd round pick and considering the holes that need to be filled we need to restock as much as possible via draft and free agency, what a year to be a steeler fan, FO promising to make splashes in free agency, and a draft full of talent, with the right moves we could be back in the superbowl……..but that is with the right moves, cant help but look at mock draft and wonder who we could pick up, but still have my input to who we should pick, I LOVE the idea of us taking a tall WR in the first then going FS, CB, DT, then best avalible after, hope if mike evans is gone that the steelers trade down and take Benjamin in the first and come up with a 2nd or 3rd round pick, i’d personally go

    1 Kelvin Benjamin WR
    2 Ed Reynolds FS
    3 Stanlely Jean Baptise CB
    3c Justin Ellis DT
    4 James Hurst OT
    5 Jordan Tripp OLB
    5c Walt Alkens CB
    6 De Anthony Thomas RB
    7 Xavier Grimble TE

  2. never happen. colbert might be a rooney north sider .but i believe his future is on the line with this draft. he’s not going to try anything trickey. he’ll play it safe. the rooneys have many partners now. i’ve lost track but i would think they have some input besides our accident of birth II.

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