I Think We Know How Charlie Batch Feels

There is little that can fire up two opposing forces faster than the Todd Haley debate but for the first time we may actually have proof that Haley isn’t exactly Mr. Personality of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Former Steelers Quarterback Charlie Batch chimed in on Twitter with a comment regarding Kirby Wilson’s move to Minnesota. You can interpret Batch’s tweet any way you like but I think it’s pretty straight forward. Batch’s tweet read as follows…

Congrats Kirby Wilson on your move to the #Vikings. 3 out of 5 #Steelers offensive assistant coaches gone in 2 years. HMMMM

Now I could be completely wrong here and it wouldn’t be the first time but I’m pretty sure this is a dig at Todd Haley.

Besides Wilson, the two other coaches Batch eludes to are former offensive line coach Sean Kugler and former wide receivers coach Scottie Montgomery.

In the grand scheme of things it really doesn’t mean a whole lot other than it verifies what many of us have believed in that Todd Haley isn’t going to win Best Personality at his high school mock election any time soon.

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9 comments on “I Think We Know How Charlie Batch Feels

  1. I think it’s pretty clear what Charlie’s implying.

    That being said, I wouldn’t necessarily say he’s right that’s why those guys left. I heard someone say Kugler and Montgomery both took steps down for their new jobs… Would you say that’s absolutely the case?

    I had to look I thought Montgomery became HC but he’s their OC and Asst HC, so maybe that is.

    I would say going from OL coach to college HC, isn’t necessarily a step down, and the fact that both went to their alma mater probably was part of their decisions.

    Wilson sounds the most likely to have left because of Haley… since he made a lateral move. Although, even if he and Todd were the best of friends Kirby could’ve just seen the writing on the wall that he’s not going to be OC here.

    I know I’m probably coming off as a Haley apologist, I’m just saying it’s not necessarily that black and white. We all have coworkers we don’t like regardless of the profession… That’s life.

    • Todd Haley isn’t the first and he won’t be the last football coach who rubs people the wrong way. The difference is that Haley needs to prove he can consistently make his unit better and get them beyond the 16-16 record he’s accumulated.

      I could care less who the coaches are as long as we are finding success and winning games.

  2. Really think Charlie Batch should be thankful for the Steelers for keeping an inadequate quarterback around for so long. The life of a back-up quarterback, does get any easier than that? Heard earlier this year on the radio how good ol’ Charlie was picking against the Steelers. Could batch be the next Trent Dilfer? Sucked as a quarterback, then retired, then became an expert and had an opinion about everything. I suggest you count your blessings Charlie for being around as long as you were, sorry if you got knocked off the gravy train earlier than you wanted. Words to the wise “Charlie” don’t bite the hand that fed you longer than any other team would of.

    • I think you’re a little harsh on Ol’ Charlie there Bruce! As long as people keep asking him he’ll have an opinion. I certainly think he was probably kept on a little long but he was 6-3 as a starter and for a back-up these days, that’s not too bad.

  3. There are several things that trouble me about Haley [well a whole bunch to be honest] but the thing i can’t get is his hire in the first place. When Arians was let go i felt they should have gone out and got a coordinator who would develop an offense that would show case Ben’s strengths. Instead they go out and get someone whose offense is in exact contrast. Not only to Ben but our personnel. Everyone knows Ben greatest strength is extending the play and making DB’s play coverage for up to 10 seconds. Then this guy comes in and wants the ball out fast. Well that’s probably one of the things he’s not best at. I could go on and on but to me it’s like asking Nolan Ryan to throw a knuckle ball to extend his career. Extending his career is great but it’s not what make Ben , Big Ben. Haley has already slow Ben enough let Ben be Big Ben.

    • Under Haley, Big Ben has had one of the best years of his career…and cut down Sacks/Hurries by 40%. First time in Ben’s career that he has played all 16 games and handled every single snap. Your point???

  4. Steelers management knew perfectly well that the team was on a decline. They wanted “nice guys” (Coaches) that had become “Pals” with under-productive players…to be gone. In order to get the best performance from their current marginal players (no fault of theirs, just that picking last or next to last in the Draft over the last 10 years will take it’s toll), they’d have to go bring in a Whip; Todd Haley. This was done on purpose folks. With the level of talent the Steelers currently have, I really am shocked we did not finish 4-12!!! But, due to “the Whip”, we went 8-8 and almost made the playoffs! Charlie Batch was kept one too many years and faults Haley for not keeping him. Charlie best keep his mouth shut as Steelers would gladly offer him a QB’s Coach gig sometime in the future!

  5. Steeldad maybe I was a little harsh, as Charlie did step in and hold the fort down when Ben was suspended. However, there was no way that we could of advanced into the playoffs under his play. So in the grand scene of things, Charlie should be thankful for his time we kept him when we could of found better options. A way to show his gratitude is to shut his mouth when it comes to controversial Steele issues that could cause turmoil. I’m sure Ray Lewis will have plenty of negative comments about the Steelers on ESPN!

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