Wilson Chose to Leave Steelers

According to Gerry Dulac of the Post-Gazette former Steelers’ running back coach Kirby Wilson asked for permission to seek employment elsewhere.

Wilson was granted that permission and interviewed twice with the Baltimore Ravens for their offensive coordinator position before eventually making a lateral move to Minnesota.

Speculation has been that Wilson didn’t get along with offensive coordinator Todd Haley and Dulac confirmed as much. Wilson has also sought the opportunity to be an offensive coordinator. The writing on the wall was clear once Todd Haley was going to be back for the 2014 season that this wouldn’t happen in Pittsburgh.

Wilson joins Scottie Montgomery and Sean Kugler as assistants who have departed in the last two seasons. Montgomery took a coaching position at Duke while Kugler became the head coach at UTEP.

You’ll notice that all three are offensive coaches. This could certainly be just a coincidence but I don’t think so.

It’s no secret that Todd Haley can and has ruffled feathers and this appears to be the case again.

I can’t help but wonder just how much say Mike Tomlin has anymore.

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7 comments on “Wilson Chose to Leave Steelers

  1. I agree with Wilson who would want to be around Haley. He personally destroyed the first half of last year [BTW, I WAS BARRED FROM STEELER DEPOT FOR SAYING SO] I can’t understand why people can’t see the cancer that he is, and further more why do the Steelers continue to use him. He has no football background ,he’s play calling is dim witted it’s so very obvious that he’s a daddy boys hire. This should never happen anywhere in the NFL especially in Pittsburgh. what a joke!!!!

    • Bob, I think its the way you put things is why you come under fire. Everyone has an opinion however, it seems like you’re drawn to a dramatic ending with whatever point you’re feeling strongly about.

      Even if there is progress made and the team is moving in a good direction, it seems you will stick to your guns about something in almost a vendetta like fashion. Its just my point of view Bob.

      Go Black & Gold.

      • You are right about me sticking to my guns, i just don’t let other people do my thinking for me. As far as Wilson talking about the Steeler run game, It’s probably why he wanted to go. Without coming on too strong let’s be totally honest how many running plays do the Steelers have?? In all honesty they use about 3 different plays and they run the power o about 85% of the time, so there really isn’t a bunch of strategy going on here. If people feel we have this sophisticated running scheme/game everyone is entitled to an opinion. I just like to call it like i see it. After watching football for 50 years and coaching for over 25 i very well may have picked up a thing or two. BTW i’m pretty sure the o-line coach doesn’t call plays.

        • Remember guys, being honest and up front is what makes us different here at SCB. We don’t do news, we do opinion and stories we feel real Steelers fans want to see and hear.

          In other words, we welcome good healthy, debate.

  2. steeldad espn insiders adam schefter is reporting dopey kirby spent 2 days telling harbaugh about steelers run game planning and strategy. what a fucking rat. thought giving secrets out would get him the job and then they kicked theloser out the door.that’s why he wanted to leave steelers, he was ashamed when word got out.

    • Ya that’s pretty sad if that’s true. Funny thing is that with Munchak aboard, I would think the strategy would change a bit from last year to this year but it still sounds very much like a Harbaugh-thing to do.

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