Steelers Lose Kirby Wilson to Vikes

WilsonMost of Steeler Nation was aghast at the thought of Steelers’ running backs coach Kirby Wilson going to rival Baltimore to be their offensive coordinator. He did interview with them twice after all.

Wilson is leaving according to the Post-Gazette’s Ed Bouchette but it isn’t for Baltimore and it isn’t for a coordinator position. Wilson is making a lateral move to Minnesota where he will coach the running backs.

While lateral moves are fairly odd, they aren’t entirely uncommon but this move reeks of potentially several ugly scenarios.

We know that Wilson was going to be the OC in Pittsburgh following Bruce Arians but his tragic house fire and subsequent injuries ended that. We then learned that he had increased duties this past year and was heavily involved in game-planning.

This was a good sign that maybe Wilson would finally get his OC chance should the Steelers part ways with Todd Haley.

With Haley staying aboard, Wilson may have read the writing on the wall. His opportunity to become the OC was again in the distance and maybe change is what he is seeking.

There will be speculation about whether he and Haley got along or whether incoming offensive line coach Mike Munchak has other philosophies regarding the running game. We know for certain that Mike Tomlin had a very good relationship with Wilson which unfortunately brings up the Art Rooney II question. Could he have made this decision? We can’t rule out Tomlin himself for whatever reason and we can’t rule out GM Kevin Colbert either. Of course maybe Wilson was just ready for a change.

Much like other scenarios where assistant coaches have left abruptly, I doubt we’ll get much of an answer so don’t hold your breath on this one.

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2 comments on “Steelers Lose Kirby Wilson to Vikes

  1. steeldad,at best this guy is at best a marginal position coach. you are delusional when you say steeler nation was aghast at his leaving. read the comments at other posts and most are of the variety of don’t let the door hit you in the ass. none are aghast. and back up your statements that no one had a game plan until they heard what dopey kirbys’ plan was and that he was already wired in for the oc job.BS. rooney would never, i mean NEVER give the keys to his offense over to person like kirby. but kirby has a challenge now, i hope he can turn ap into a decent running back.

    • You aren’t reading this correctly. I said Steeler Nation was aghast at the thought of Wilson going to Baltimore. Coaches come and go and no one is going to lose sleep over this.

      It is 100% fact that Wilson was going to be the OC before the fire. For you to say the Rooney’s would never give him the keys is incorrect.

      And what posters on other sites say really isn’t my concern. They have their opinion and I have mine.

      Bottom line is that I don’t believe Wilson made this move because he wants to enjoy the weather in Minneapolis.

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