Make Sure You Direct Your Anger in the Right Direction Steeler Nation

Ben RoethlisbergerThe Pittsburgh Steelers had everything going their way today. They did their part by winning at home over Cleveland. They got the first two losses they needed from Baltimore and Miami and then needed just one more loss and the playoffs would be theirs. Uh, no….

The San Diego Chargers completed a ten-point comeback and defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 27-24 in overtime. The win puts the Chargers in the playoffs and sends the Pittsburgh Steelers into ‘Locker cleaning mode.’

You’re probably still sitting there steaming at the Chiefs for resting all of their starters even though they had every right to do so.

You’re probably also hating on Philip Rivers for leading his team into the playoffs even though he just beat a junior varsity squad. Barely I should say.

Maybe you should direct your anger in a different direction. Maybe you should really think about just what it is you’re really mad and angry about. In fact, why not direct it at a team that…..

Went scoreless for 59 minutes in the season opener against Tennessee.

Had clock management issues all season long.

Gave away more turnovers than a bakery in the first half of the season.

Gave up a 93 yard touchdown run to Terrelle Pryor on their way to losing at Oakland.

Was torched for 55 points in New England despite the offense scoring 31.

Waited until past mid-season to unveil a successful no-huddle offense.

Saw its franchise QB have to defend himself over trade rumors.

Blew golden opportunities to get to the playoffs but instead lost to Miami and Baltimore.

Saw its offensive coordinator in the news for more than football-related issues.

Was a laughing stock for a week because the head coach nearly made a tackle.

Gave up more big plays than any of us can remember.

Had 15,000 no-shows for a primetime game and another 10,000 no-shows today.

Needed an 8-4 run just to finish at 8-8.

Ya, I get your anger because I feel it too. I’m not angry with the Kansas City Chiefs for losing today though. I’m angry because 8-8 is not acceptable and it’s certainly not acceptable two years in a row. Want some more news that will make you angry? This isn’t going to change with one more year of salary cap hell on its’ way.

In closing, don’t be mad at Philip Rivers and don’t be mad at Andy Reid. Look no further than front offices, coaches’ offices and locker room of our own Pittsburgh Steelers.

Art II? You have the floor.

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2 comments on “Make Sure You Direct Your Anger in the Right Direction Steeler Nation

  1. From our friend Frank, at Talent Network who works with our other friend, Craig Wolfley. Some food for thought that I found on Frank’s facebook yesterday…

    More #NFLNews from Twitter and this is not a trend pointing north. #BelowTheLine.

    via 105.9 The X Morning Show…

    #Steelers Mike Tomlin 3 nonplayoff yrs-

    2009 four losses to teams 500 or worse.

    2012 five losses to teams 500 or worse.

    2013 six losses to teams 500 or worse.

    So….I add this thought.

    Once is a coincidence
    Twice is a trend
    Three times is a problem

  2. So let’s see.. Cowher was there from 92-06. In that span he had back to back losing seasons in ’98 and ’99. Then in 2000 he was 9-7. So with Tomlin, this is back to back 8-8 campaigns, which isn’t a losing season but not a winning season either. If he goes 8-8 or worse next year, 3 straight years of no playoffs, I would think the Rooney’s would start considering a replacement. Not saying it would definitely happen but I’d be shocked if they didn’t consider it.

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