Two Steelers Selected to Pro Bowl; Let the ‘Snubs’ Be Discussed!

Troy Polamalu began limited practice this week for the SteelersCongratulations to both Antonio Brown and Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers who were voted to the Pro Bowl this evening. Brown was about as sure a bet as anyone could get and while Polamalu made some significant plays this season I’m not sure he’s worthy of the honor. I know, how dare I bash Troy Polamalu right?

I’m not bashing him one bit. In fact I have high praise for the guy who played about as much inside linebacker as he did is normal position of safety.

My feeling is that while Polamalu made some huge plays and does have a serious effect on how a team prepares for the Steelers, he also was burned a lot in coverage in 2013. He can’t be isolated when the rest of the secondary has been under scrutiny all season.

I still believe he had a fine season, but was it truly better than other guys at his position?

If there were a major snub it had to be that of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. I can buy that he had a rough start to the year with some turnovers but since that 0-4 stretch you easily could argue he has carried this team on his back.

I certainly don’t blame him for the team not switching to the no-huddle offense sooner during this frustrating season. That’s on Todd Haley and to another extent Mike Tomlin.

Personally, I don’t think Roethlisberger will lose any sleep over this. He was left out the Pro Bowl for the same reasons that keep him off of all the NFL promos and that keep him out of the discussion of who the ‘elite’ quarterbacks are.

It’s a sad but true reality but I think Ben is more interested in getting back to the Super Bowl than he is in going to the Pro Bowl.

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6 comments on “Two Steelers Selected to Pro Bowl; Let the ‘Snubs’ Be Discussed!

  1. You said “snubs,” but only discussed Ben. Who are your other snubs?

    I think Kelvin could’ve been one. Or perhaps Lawrence, Cortez, Jason, and Cameron could’ve been named too, or designated as alternates…

    • I appreciate you calling me out on that Miguel but I really felt Ben and maybe Timmons were the only worthy guys.

      I loathe the pro bowl and all star games in general. A columnist I really respect said Timmons wasn’t deserving when you put his numbers up against other LBs.

      That may be true but numbers don’t always tell the story. Timmons is so steady and does everything an inside backer in a 3-4 should do. I should have discussed him.

  2. I haven’t really posted many replies lately, But i will chime in on this. Brown really does deserve to be a pro bowler, Troy was healthy for the most part but has slow downed and has traded off steady play for always trying to make a splash play. Don’t know if that’s good or bad. Overall the Steelers have played to the talent they have on the team pretty much fighting to be a .500 ball club. I have posted my thoughts that change should happened but i feel we have wasted 2 seasons hanging on to yesterday. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!

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