No-Shows Prove Steelers’ Fan Base is Spoiled

Heinz FieldThe Pittsburgh Steelers play eight home games. Not 81 as the Pirates play each year at PNC and not 41 as the Pens will play at CONSOL this season. The Steelers play eight games at home.

Please don’t correct me and tell me they actually play 10 because counting those two preseason games is a joke and you know it.

With only eight home dates out of 365 days, you’d think those with tickets to a Pittsburgh Steelers’ home game would move heaven and Earth to get those games. Apparently not if you saw the action from Pittsburgh’s win over Cincinnati last night.

Yes it was cold and yes it was windy but 15,000 no-shows?

I’m sorry, but that’s pathetic and next time anyone says the Steelers’ fans are the best I will surely remind them of that number.

Perhaps more concerning than the no-shows was the fact that those 15,000 tickets when unsold or not given to people who would have died to go to a Steelers’ home game.

I’m not naive. I know people are more comfortable in their homes with their 40 and 50 inch HD TV’s but this is the Steelers we’re talking about it isn’t it? A few empty seats are one thing, but 15,000 empty seats?

Oh I get it, the team was 5-8 going into last night which meant they weren’t worth seeing right? What the hell ever happened to wanting to see our favorite players in person or being able to say “I was there” when this happened?

I guess I’m just of a different generation and I’m sure once the team starts winning again the seats will be filled even in the worst of conditions. Sadly, I don’t define that as being the NFL’s best fan base if you ride during the good times and bail out during the bad ones.

Perhaps three Super Bowls and two titles have spoiled the fan base. What a shame.

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12 comments on “No-Shows Prove Steelers’ Fan Base is Spoiled

  1. Yes Haley will be gone Tomlin im not so sure .But as a fact Haley is surely gone. The organization has fire other coaches who were much better this guy is a train wreck. There are rumors of Tomlin maybe going to coach Texas, but like I said rumors I am a fan would love to get tickets win or lose would show.
    Yes i too am not happy with the coaching but its not my call I don’t run things i am just a fan they will figure it out soon enough we didn’t win 6 bowls by doing stupid moves hang in there Nation.

    • I wish I had your optimism regarding Haley because I feel he’ll be back come hell or high water now.

      That said, we must be patient. I think Tomlin is a good coach sans clock mgmt issues. Must improve our scouting and drafting too.

      • God I would hate to think that they would actually go for a third year with Haley. He wasn’t good in KC what did they think he was gonna do here? We also need a power back. Sign a vetern like we did when we signed Bettis. Our backfield has also been a total failure we should have tried for Jackson or heck even signed Bradshaw.

  2. Boycotting for what? Are you kidding? It has been the best ride of any football organization. The Steelers have won in the 70s, 90s, and 2ks, and you “SORRY” complaining, snot sniveling fans are crying about two seasons of losing! How about firing you for coming to work late or for taking a dump two or three times a day or heck taking a smoke break every hour during the day including lunch. The Steelers are still the class of the AFC North and it would take a “whole lot” of losing seasons to be caught by any of their rivals. I’ll stop here because this is just pathetic. Oh by the way I live in DFW.

    • This is exactly what I mean by ‘spoiled.’ There is a large segment of Steelers’ fans who know nothing but success or at the very least good, competitive teams. Now that the Steelers are struggling, they are jumping ship. True fans recognize that their favorite team cannot always be a winner. Just ask Cubs fans.

      • One game Charles? Attendance has declined all season. 15,000 no shows is a significant amount regardless of weather and record.

        The young people who are steelers fans don’t know anything but success so when the team struggles they jump ship. Problem is, many older fans are doing the same.

        I have no use for fair weather fans.

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