Steelers Are Proving Drama is the Product of Losing

Antonio Brown is expected to play on Sunday vs the RavensName a Pittsburgh Steeler and there’s a really good chance they have a radio show. I think long-snapper Greg Warren probably even has one. OK, maybe not…

On general principle, there’s really nothing wrong with players talking for an hour or two on the radio.

The problem is how it looks when the team is not successful.

You’ve probably seen several Pittsburgh Steelers doing spots on television as well. I’m pretty sure Ryan Clark has his own title on ESPN’s ‘BottomLine’ now because he is on there so much. Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown have made appearances as well.

There really isn’t anything wrong with guys doing a fifteen minute or even half hour spot on television in most cases.

The problem is how it looks when the team is not successful.

I think you get the general idea of what I’m getting at by now. Teams that are winning don’t have pool tables and ping pong tables removed from their locker rooms and teams that are winning don’t have all-pro wide receivers being benched either.

This is where the 2013 Pittsburgh Steelers are right now. I wrote just yesterday that this team is still not out of it by any stretch mostly because of a schedule that gets weaker by the game. Be that as it may, this team is still 3-6 and is a loss away from making vacation plans for the end of December.

The pinnacle of the Steelers’ soap opera was reached this past Sunday when the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was “incredibly frustrated” and would be seeking a trade at season’s end.

He also said the team fielded offers for the Super Bowl winning QB this past offseason.

I have no problem with the report. These things happen especially to teams that are mired in losing, but what irritates me and I shared this with Rapoport via Twitter, is that many of these NFL reporters claim this stuff but can only cite ‘sources’ as their base of information.

During our brief conversation Rapoport said the following to me, “I had a lot to go on. I promise.”

I told him that if any of this proves true I’ll be the first to tell him he had the story right. The problem is that someone, whether it is within the Steelers organization, Ben Roethlisberger himself or his agent isn’t being completely forth-coming. All denied the report quite vehemently.

At this particular time as it was pointed out to me yesterday, why should they be forth-coming? It can only lead to more negativity right now and there is nothing to gain by admitting who is the leak.

This is all true and again takes us back to the original point. This is what happens when teams are losing. Drama takes over leads to more and more problems.

Unless this team gets hot and gets on a winning streak, I’d expect more drama to come. That’s the problem with losing.

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