Winning Can Cure What Ails Steelers; A First-Hand Account

Franco Harris and the Immaculate Reception, the greatest play in NFL historyWith the Pittsburgh Steelers sitting at 0-4 on the season, they needed the right medicine which came in the form of a trip to New York.

While watching the Steelers put the finishing touches on the Jets I myself was happy, but it wasn’t enough to stop a virus that was about to ravage my body for the next week.

To further add to an always exciting Ravens Week, I missed every single day of work leading up to the Ravens’ game. So ill was I that couldn’t even write about the first of this year’s match-ups with our hated rival.

Thankfully, the Steelers delivered another positive shot to themselves with the 19-16 win. You’ll notice however, this is still my first write-up in over a week and a half. Translation: The Steelers are getting healthier than I am but that’s OK. They and the fan base need it more than I do.

I am grateful that I am on the road to recovery, thus my article, but I’m also grateful to see the Steelers once again making this season important.

The Steelers’ returning health could all be for naught though if they go into Oakland and drop one to the Raiders. Think that’s impossible? Think again.

The Raiders have actually won three of the last four in the rivalry and most recently, beat the Steelers in Oakland 34-31. The Steelers had two 10-point leads in the game and Oakland took advantage of Pittsburgh miscues and fumbles to win.

It was but a prime example of the Steelers’ eventual 8-8 season in 2012.

On a completely selfish level, I need the Steelers to keep winning. It appears that as I get better they continue to win so its common sense right?

Winning in Oakland is and has never been easy but there is no question the Steelers are the better team heading into this game on Sunday afternoon. The division is set up perfectly for the Steelers to still make a run at a playoff spot and it begins on Sunday in Northern California.

Ike Taylor tweeted today that Mike Tomlin has been giving the team history lessons about the rivalry and who doesn’t love those classics from 1970’s?

I know just thinking about all that makes me warm and fuzzy inside. Let’s it keeps the Steelers warm and healthy as well.

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