Steelers Trade for Levi Brown Sends Mixed Messages

BrownPending a physical today, Arizona Cardinals’ offensive tackle Levi Brown will be traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers today for a late round draft pick.

This trade comes on the heels of division rival Baltimore making a deal for Eugene Monroe the day before.

From our view at SCB, we find this move to be sending a series of mixed messages.

According to Pro Football Focus, Brown was rated just a couple of spots ahead of Mike Adams who he will be more than likely replacing. Brown did however; rate significantly higher in the running game.

PFF is not the be all and end all of player evaluation in my mind, but they provide important talking points.

So why are the Steelers making this move? The way I see it is that they realize Adams and perhaps Marcus Gilbert too have not reached the level expected of them. A no-brainer I know, but the front office must feel change is well overdue.

This move will also look good to average fans that will see this run across the ESPN BottomLine and will think “Well at least we’re doing something to get better.” My reaction to that would be “are we really getting better?”

The bigger issue I have is in terms of contract. Brown is slated to make $6 million this year and is signed through 2017. Although I have not been in favor of bringing in Max Starks, he could come in for the veteran minimum and would be much less harmful on the salary cap.

With Brown coming in, this is going to take a Steelers’ cap that is already tight and make it even tighter. This makes no sense to me in this regard. This team is going to be in major rebuilding mode and doesn’t need to be maxed out any further.

We’ll let the play of Brown dictate whether this deal was worth it but on the surface, I’m not crazy about it.

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2 comments on “Steelers Trade for Levi Brown Sends Mixed Messages

  1. all the anger & built up frustration of 20 yrs from #PIRATES gone & now it will be squarely aimed @ the Beloved Steelers who Surprise Surprise Have not yet hit rock bottom but its coming Especially with this absolutely INSANE desperate move to save this season. Drafting Adams was bad, moving him to protect Ben’s blindside really bad, bringing in this guy Brown & his Cap hit WORSE. Colbert just keeps pouring gasoline on this situation.

  2. They traded for Mike Addams older brother…No difference in play, paid way too much for another underachiever…You know something is wrong when an OC you fired gives you one of his players…lol

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