Benching Adams is the Only Way Steelers Will Know if He is Part of the Future

AdamsI’ve watched more replays of the Steelers’ loss in Minnesota than I really care to admit. Apparently I’m a glutton for punishment and like carnage because I can’t look away.

While the missed tackles and blown assignments are one thing, I just can’t stop watching Mike Adams attempt to block Jared Allen.

Allen is and has been an excellent pass rusher in this league for a long time. No offensive tackle, Adams included, should feel that bad about giving up a sack to the guy but then again, there’s something to be said for effort.

Mike Adams was victimized by Allen for 2.5 sacks on Sunday. That only explains part of the story though because if you watch their battle on other plays, you’ll see the very best Adams could do was get a stalemate. While a stalemate is many times useful for an offensive tackle, Adams had few of them.

Allen repeatedly beat him not just on pass plays but on any number of running plays as well. In one instance on a delayed hand-off to Le’Veon Bell, Adams was beaten so badly by Allen that it took a Herculean effort by Bell to just get back to the line of scrimmage.

The argument against putting Mike Adams on the sidelines is that there is no one worthy of replacing him. That in and of itself is an entirely different story, but if you have guys on the roster then you need to get them in there.

Sitting Mike Adams could accomplish several things. It will send a clear message that the job he was ‘given’ when Max Starks left is not entirely his. Many feel that Adams’ play reeks of entitlement and little or no competition.

Benching Adams could also create some fire in this man. He is emotionless and lacks enthusiasm and while he isn’t the only one, he is among the most noticeable. Adams could also use the time to see the game from a different viewpoint.

Maybe seeing Ben Roethlisberger scramble around for his life will give him an idea of what his lack of effort creates each week.

If you’re wondering who replaces Adams it really doesn’t matter at this point. The Steelers need a live body that will compete and right there you have a step up from Adams. I suggest bringing Marcus Gilbert over to the left tackle spot and inserting Kelvin Beachum on the right.

The Steelers signed Cody Wallace for depth purposes at guard so with Ramon Foster out for a few weeks it’s time for him to play.

Mike Adams needs an attitude adjustment that hopefully leads to an improvement in his play. The physical tools seem to be there but the mental side is just not clicking. If and when Adams returns to the line-up, the Steelers will finally know exactly what they have for today and the future.

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11 comments on “Benching Adams is the Only Way Steelers Will Know if He is Part of the Future

  1. What future? Mike Adams is a draft bust. He is just another one of Colbert/Tomlin’s many poor draft choices. What makes it worse is that Colbert and Tomlin knew of Adam’s questionable past and poor pro day and still drafted him. During that same draft and four picks after the Steelers took Adams, the Ravens took Keleche Osemele, an All American T/G from Iowa State who had a great college career and no question marks as to his character. Anyone who follows the AFC should know how well Osemele has played as a tackle and guard for the Ravens since his rookie season. These poor draft decisions, the lack of player discipline, motivation, and fire is the reason why Tomlin, and possibly Colbert, has to go. To quote Tomlin’s meaningless rhetoric, “This is unacceptable.”

      • Hey Birdmann, if you look closer you will see that the Ravens traded for Monroe because of their problems with McKinnie, not Osemele. Osemele was moved to left guard this season and has started every game so far. The Ravens assumed McKinnie would be up to the challenge of left tackle this year but, obviously, it didn’t work out. I have no doubt that if the Ravens really needed a left tackle and they could find a better left guard than Osemele, that the Ravens would move Osemele to left tackle. Yes, he is that good.

    • Not only should Tomlin go, but there should be further shake ups. Tomlin was a mistake from the beginning and even after throwing more money at him he has not grown any wiser. Shots of him on the sidelines of games show him looking all but loss. He doesn’t belong amongst football nobility

  2. The Steelers are known for drafting the best athlete but no matter what the physical attributes you cannot teach stupid. Perhaps they should ask them to write their name before the draft and if they mis-spell it pass.

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  4. As a true Steeler fan I,ve seen improvement in every game, correct the mistakes, don’t start playing the blame game, especial what the media has to say there is nothing they would love to do than tear the Steelers down because they been on top for so long. Just correct the mistakes have fun and stick together, one thing for I know for sure, there is no quit or giving up in this organization, they play to the end . Never say die! Conquer and overcome. Let’s go Steelers

    • I appreciate the positive attitude Mike and I agree there has been some improvement. My concern is the pattern that has developed since SB XLV in my opinion. The missed assignments, missed tackles, penalties, lack of effort…. These are all things that have not gotten better.

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