I Have Some Questions for Coach Tomlin

Mike Tomlin must find a way to finish strong if the Steelers want to keep their wildcard spotHey, Coach Tomlin! I like you man. I really, really do but I have to ask you something. Why are you getting pissed off now?

The fire you showed in the post-game comments was the fire we should have seen after week one.

Instead, you waited for the fourth consecutive loss to blow your top? Did you not notice the problems and urgency that was needed after the loss to Tennessee?

We sure as hell saw it so how did you miss it?

Something in your post-game comments spoke volumes for why fans doubt you.

It was this sentence right here. “Anyone else who would have been in there would have been below the line of preparation.”

This is the NFL right Coach? How can you go into a game without players being properly prepared?

I don’t care if they are a starter or the back-up long snapper; guys have to be prepared to play. In essence what you were saying was that because Kelvin Beachum was already in at left guard for Ramon Foster, there was no one prepared to replace Mike Adams?

A street light could have been prepared to replace Mike Adams yet we had no one?

That doesn’t exactly make me think highly of the people we bring in for purposes of depth in this organization. Do you have any say when Kevin Colbert suggests a guy to sign in free agency?

I appreciate the fire you showed coach but it might be too little too late.

Now, about that time management at the end of the first half…..

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2 comments on “I Have Some Questions for Coach Tomlin

  1. Perhaps because he was without his cool shades this game and he finally saw his first game this year. Obviously he has no idea what is going on with this team. Ping-pong anyone?

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