The Blitz – Steelers Fan Podcast – 2013 Week 3 Wrapup

The Blitz - Steelers Fan PodcastThe Blitz is back on the air wrapping up the Steelers crushing loss in week 3 to the Bears, at Heinz Field on Sunday Night Football, 40-23.

While we planned on doing our usual breakdown of the game, talking player stats, who’s hot and who’s not, etc. we ended up parlaying into a State of the Steelers show. Join us as we talk about what is really ailing this team and how it can be fixed.

Are changes really going to help this team and if so, what changes? What will it take for Ben to get back on his game? Is there hope for the ground attack when Le’Veon Bell gets into the lineup? How much of the 3 game slide this season is on the defense? ¬†All that and much more on The Blitz!

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