Todd Haley Isn’t Going Anywhere and Here’s Why

Brown HaleyWhat I’ve learned over the last several years it that there are three generations of Pittsburgh Steelers’ fans.

There are those still with us who can remember some absolutely dreadful years prior to the 1970’s.

There are those that grew up in the 1970’s, saw Super Bowls, down-time in the 1980s’ and then competitive teams in the 90’s and beyond. Then there are the young ones that know only one thing, winning.

What all three of these groups should remember is that the Rooney Family will not act swiftly when there is a problem. They will not make a knee-jerk reaction when times are tough.

The Rooney’s once stuck by Bill Cowher despite three straight non-playoff season which included two sub-.500 years as well. That will continue with Mike Tomlin at least.

The oldest generation knows this and understands that the Rooney’s will not act especially when the public sentiment is screaming for them to do just that. In fact, they’ll probably be even more deliberate because of the hostility.

The middle generation gets this as well. The Rooney’s probably stuck by Chuck Noll longer than they should have but they did it anyway. Along came Cowher and the team was suddenly back in the playoffs most seasons.

It’s the youngest crowd that really needs to take a breath because Todd Haley isn’t going anywhere. Regardless of how things continue to go this season, Art Rooney, Jr will not let him go in the middle of the year.

That isn’t how the Rooney’s do things and furthermore, there is no way Art Rooney, Jr would fire him anyway because that would be admitting that he, or someone in the organization, screwed up royally in hiring him in the first place.

Certainly there are individuals in each of those three groups that believe Haley should be fired sooner rather than later but it isn’t happening. Accepting this will save you a lot of consternation in that regard. As for the consternation of watching this team for 14 more weeks? Good luck with that.

If you haven’t resigned yourself to the fact that Ben Roethlisberger and now reportedly Antonio Brown will have further confrontations with Haley then you’re missing the boat. The more this season spirals out of control the more these issues will arise and become common-place.

Todd Haley isn’t going anywhere.

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2 comments on “Todd Haley Isn’t Going Anywhere and Here’s Why

  1. i fit in the prior to 1970’s crowed. this current team fits right into those dreadful teams. the;y are dreadful. bu;t, this rooney jr. character is a new factor to the team.he’s a lawyer, and not a very good one or he wouldn’t be suckling on the families business. he and his dad would be content collecting their huge weekly checks and hiring a football person to run the team. he’s the one that had “knee jerk” reaction and fired a winning oc and brought in haley.when you have a jerk-off running the organization the coaches are afraid to make decisions because this little jerk wants to run in a passing league.

  2. I am one of these that was born in 1970 and fell for the Steelers after one look at those teams!! But the comment is on the money!! I new this decision that little Art made without any imput by his head coach which is the person that makes these decisions in the first place was terrible!! Bill new this guy was a idiot and that wasn’t hard to see!!! Being as great as they’ve been in my lifetime its sad to know with this idiot is going to drag them back down into the cellar!!! Sorry But I want stick around to watch that product!!!

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