Don’t Hurt Yourself Thinking About Steelers’ Trade

Felix JonesThe Pittsburgh Steelers make trades about as often as Haley’s Comet comes through the atmosphere. When they do pull the trigger, it’s not typically a significant trade and this was the case yesterday. The Steelers traded outside linebacker Adrian Robinson to their in-state rivals Philadelphia for under-achieving running back Felix Jones.

In an odd twist of fate, Jones was taken by the Cowboys one spot ahead of the Steelers who took Rashard Mendenhall in the 2008 NFL Draft. For a first rounder, Jones has been a serious disappointment. In May, he signed with the Eagles but recently appeared to be a long shot to make the roster. With the Steelers facing a depth issue at running back the trade seems to fit a need.

The Eagles get Robinson who was facing tough odds in making the team with Chris Carter and Alan Baxter ahead of him at outside backer.

Let me read the tea leaves here for a second… I have to believe that although Mike Tomlin was quite optimistic about Le’Veon Bell’s injury, the rookie will be out longer than most of us think. I also believe it represents some doubt by the front office and coaching staff that Jonathan Dwyer and/or Isaac Redman can carry the load as a feature back.

Jones is an odd get for the Steelers. He is not overly aggressive and relies more on speed than power. Does this mean he’ll be a change-up guy? If so, then how badly is LaRod Stephens-Howling hurt? Tomlin said he should play tonight despite a mild knee sprain. Only time will tell.

Either way Steelers’ fans, I wouldn’t expect this trade to do anything other than provide a little more depth in the backfield.

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