Are the Steelers Preserving Bell?

BellThe conspiracy theorist in me is wondering aloud. Pittsburgh Steelers’ rookie running back Le’Veon Bell was scheduled to play Saturday might but didn’t with a bum knee. Nothing to be concerned about we were told and sure enough, Bell was on the practice field today running with the first team almost exclusively. This has me thinking…

Is it possible the Steelers are going to do everything they can to limit his preseason game activity? Might no be a bad piece of strategy if you think about it. Bell carries the ball 376 times last year at Michigan State. Second most in the country if I recall. The team already knows he’ll make the roster so why not let Isaac Redman, Jonathan Dwyer and Baron Batch do most of the heavy lifting?

Personally, I like my young guys to get as much action in the preseason as possible. Have to get them ready as best you can for the real thing right?

I don’t know anything more than you. The few people I know who are “in the know” have seen nothing to support my theory but that doesn’t mean I’m not somewhat right? Right?

One way or another I’m starting to get the distinct feeling that Bell will be the opening day starter. Wouldn’t be the first time I’m wrong and won’t be the last. Just seems like Bell is being put in bubble wrap before the team unveils him like a shiny new car.

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2 comments on “Are the Steelers Preserving Bell?

  1. I’d find that hard to believe. I could see not giving him 20 carries, but I think you still gotta see what he’s got in a live situation, before naming him the starter.

    Can he hang onto the ball when he’s getting hit for real? Can he pick up a blitz scheme he hasn’t seen in practice?

    After the draft I thought people needed to pump the brakes on the all the rookies start train… I’m now starting to think you’re right, that Bell will be the starter.

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