Let’s Get All the Info Before Judging Steelers’ Adams

By now you’re aware of the news that came earlier this morning regarding an incident on Pittsburgh’s Southside late last night.Steelers’ right tackle Mike Adams was stabbed in the stomach in front of his home as three attackers were trying to steal his truck. One of them apparently dropped a cell phone which has been recovered by police.

According to Adams’ agent Eric Metz, Adams underwent surgery but is doing fine and should be ready for training camp. No vital organs were damaged in the attack.Sadly, this incident has already spurred the typical racist commentary from many fans and Steelers’ fans specifically.

It appears because this incident took place on the Southside, late at night and involved a black player then that automatically means that Adams is lumped in with other players. He is now linked with every NFL player that has ever gotten in trouble past the hour of midnight and will be judged in the court of public opinion.

Here’s an idea, let’s wait and hear what Mike Adams has to say before we jump to any further conclusions shall we? Here is what Adams is guilty of so far…

He was out way too late for a professional athlete. Allegedly…

He was “probably out drinking and driving” as some comments have already stated because they ALL do and…

He shouldn’t be living in the Southside so he was just asking for this to happen.

I admit, I had serious reservations about the selection of Adams in the 2012 draft. I also admit that professional athletes have tremendous expectations to live up to and sometimes they, like the rest of us, make poor choices. If in fact Mike Adams was “partying” and driving “drunk” then lets examine this then. No one, regardless of color, gender or age etc invites such violence onto themselves.

Has anyone considered Adams was just simply returning home from a movie with a friend? Why do we continue to jump to such negative conclusions? If it turns out that Adams put himself in a bad position due to the factors that so many are already accusing him of then I will sadly admit my error.

I took a ‘wait and see’ approach with Ben Roethlisberger and I will do the same with Adams.

I strongly advise you do the same before drawing conclusions on what you don’t know.

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    • I’m simply going off the word I had at the time of the article. Based on what I’ve seen, the recovery time can be different for everyone. You may be right but I’m hopeful he is ready to go for the opener.

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