With the 17th Pick in the NFL Draft, You Would Take…

Kevin ColbertEveryone of us has been an armchair quarterback at some point in our lives and now that has evolved into being an armchair general manager and I want to give you your shot at being a GM. Fortunately or unfortunately, you can only be one general manager and that is Kevin Colbert of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Depending upon your like or dislike of Colbert, you get to pull on one of his sweaters from the Bill Cowher collection and dive into the war room and make the pick for the Steelers in the 2013 NFL Draft.

In your response to this post, tell us here at Steel City Blitz who you would take and give us a little reasoning as to why. In the days leading up to the draft I’ll tally up the selections and let you know what the readers have chosen.

While I’d prefer you gave your selection in the comments section, feel free to tweet me your selection as well.

Thanks for participating and you are now on the clock….

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9 comments on “With the 17th Pick in the NFL Draft, You Would Take…

  1. Both starting safeties are getting old and seldom make splash plays. Troy Polamalu has been missing games due to injuries. Ryan Clark will be a free agent after this year. Two back up safeties have left in free agency. Kenny Vaccaro S Texas makes sense for this year and for years to come.

  2. I would go with S Kenny Vaccaro from Texas. We’ve lost any depth we had at the safety position with the departures of Mundy & Allen. And with TP & Clark in their 30’s, now is the time to draft a guy to eventually take over and give him the chance to learn from the tandem while they’re still in Pittsburgh.

  3. I trade back to get a 2nd or 3rd then draft Elam or Eifert. If Xavier Rhodes falls at 17 I’d take him or Austin. I’d pass on Vacarro trade back.

  4. Steelers have lots of gaps they could fill. Stedman Bailey at WR would be nice but how about Tavon Austin. He’s a multiple threat with his speed, can return kicks and punts and work out of the slot.

    • I would take Cordarrelle Patterson WR out of Tennessee. Although he is a little bit raw I think he will be the best receiver in this draft class. The Steelers have a shortage of weapons to put around Big Ben and they need someone who can make an immediate impact. I also like Keenan Allen as a possibility but I would definitely say that WR needs to be adressed somewhere at the top of the draft.

  5. barketevios mingo,jarvis jones or auther brown.we need to get an outside lb,so either one will do.if both are gone,then arthur brown makes sense as we difintley need ilb to replace larry foote

  6. We need play makers for the offense, period. I don’t think safety is the way to go unless he looks like a future hall of famer. . I think it has to be the NUMBER 1 wide out. cordarrell patterson, if he is gone, best player.

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