Steelers Going With Allen Over Lewis at Corner

Keenan Lewis highlights a long list of Steelers free agentsAnyone else feel like they need a crystal ball right now? Maybe some tea leaves or some tarot cards? With William Gay back in Pittsburgh, the ramifications have numerous residual effects.

1. Does this mean the Steelers will not even attempt to re-sign free agent cornerback Keenan Allen?

2. Could it mean the end of Curtis Brown?

3. Where do you list Gay on the depth chart? Is he automatically Lewis’ replacement of does he become the nickel and Cortez Allen takes over for Lewis.

Let’s say the move means the end of Keenan Lewis in Pittsburgh and there’s two reasons to suggest this exactly where the team is going. First, Lewis is going to be expensive. Probably more expensive then any of us realize. Secondly, Lewis is not nearly the turnover machine that Cortez Allen proved himself to be last season when he forced five.

This team needs turnover creation in the worst way too and Allen is signed through 2015 so perhaps he is the answer the Steelers want him to be.

If Lewis does re-sign, this immediately means the departure of Curtis Brown I would have to think. He has struggled significantly at the nickel position and is little more than a special teams player right now. With Ike Taylor, Lewis, Allen and Gay your top four corners I would say so long to Brown.

While Gay doesn’t elicit a lot of positive vibes from the Steelers’ Nation, his signing could be a significant step towards adding some decent depth. At this point, we can only speculate as to the direction the Steelers are going in and we probably won’t have an answer until free agency starts.

If you know where I can find a good crystal ball let me know.

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4 comments on “Steelers Going With Allen Over Lewis at Corner

  1. I don’t think its the end of Lewis or Curtis Brown. I think William Gay is Insurance & NB. Curtis Brown still has time to learn as did Keenan Lewis. I don’t understand why everyone is quick to drop good depth. Brown is a special teams demon and if that’s his role then that’s fine.

    Cortez Allen I always hoped he was being groomed to take over a safety position. Would like to keep Lewisand groom/draft someone to compete for Ike’s spot in 2014.

    • As always, thanks for reading Rob. The reason I feel Brown could be on the way out is that with Victorian and Van Dyke, the front office might feel both of those guys offer just as much Brown can and perhaps more speed too. If in fact Lewis stays, then that shoves Gay to a #4 CB and Brown to a #5. I just have a feeling that is the direction they are going. Could be totally wrong of course.

  2. I have to agree with Rob. I don’t see Brown going anywhere. I think it means that Victorian or Van Dyke, possibly both could be gone. Last year Victorian showed he has speed but lacks the height and vertical to cover well. He is fast to the ball, but we need players to break up the pass, not tackle after the completion. Besides, every year Brown seems to make improvements, and his special teams missile mentality is hard to replace. Think about Steve Tasker for the Bills. How many years did he play just for special teams? Plus with injuries as they are, especially for the Steelers lately, the depth is needed, but why not get great special teams as well? I could be totally wrong as well, we could all be wrong, who knows, but just my thoughts.

    • I’m not as down on Brown as it may sound. I’m just trying to decipher what is going to happen with the DBs. With Gay on board and let’s assume Lewis re-signs, where would that leave Brown?

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