Motivation for Roethlisberger Should Not Be a Problem in 2013

Ben RoethlisbergerJoe Flacco this. Joe Flacco that. Joe Flacco this. Joe Flacco that.

Ya, I’m sick and tired of it as well but such is life in the 24/7 media circus that we live in today. Baltimore Ravens’ Quarterback Joe Flacco is getting ‘just a little bit’ of attention this week and why shouldn’t he? He has delivered his team to their second Super Bowl and the first of his career. He’s been outstanding in the playoffs to this point and deserves the accolades that he is getting. The guy is a good quarterback Steelers’ fans and it doesn’t make you less of a fan to admit that.

Is he one of the best in the NFL though? No, he isn’t and he isn’t even the best in his own division but you’d be hard-pressed to hear anyone say otherwise this week. As we near the kickoff of Super Bowl XLVII you’d think that Flacco had not only played well, but also cured cancer, ran the mile in 1 minute and flew to Mars and back in one night. 

In a recent poll by, Flacco was listed 6th among Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Eli Manning. Steelers’ QB Ben Roethlisberger was listed 8th. Behind Russell Wilson. If you didn’t think this was a “what did you do for me lately” society than here’s your proof.

All Roethlisberger has done is win two Super Bowls in three visits and plays with more injuries in a season than most guys will have in a career yet the respect continues to be be absent for him.

Roethlisberger doesn’t need me to tell him that his play late in the season the last couple of years hasn’t been his best work and I know he’d hate for me to blame injuries so I won’t. Fact of the matter is, the resume speaks for itself yet fans and experts always seem to gloss over him and want to talk about other QBs who have big stats, yet fewer wins and fewer championships.

Former Ravens’ Head Coach Brian Billick recently said “Flacco isn’t in the discussion yet with Brady and Peyton Manning. He’s more like Roethlisberger.” He’s more like Roethlisberger?!?!? Brian Billick knows far more football than I do, but gimme a break!

The bottom line for Ben Roethlisberger is that we the fans get far more ticked off about the lack of respect than I really believe he does. With that said, whether or not Flacco wins on Sunday will not matter. The gauntlet has been thrown down and Roethlisberger should be more than ready to get back on the pace he was prior to his injury in 2012.

He still has plenty of time to accomplish great things in Pittsburgh and force people to put him into the proper discussion about just who the top quarterbacks in the league are. Hopefully, Todd Haley and Mike Tomlin allow him to the freedom to do just that.

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6 comments on “Motivation for Roethlisberger Should Not Be a Problem in 2013

  1. This is so typical all Big Ben does is play his heart every year every game every play the guy has more heart than any other football player ever!! They can keep Brady both Mannings and whoever else they are in love with this week give me Big Ben and 52 high school players and I am picking Ben all day and twice on Sunday. I have been a lifelong Steeler fan I watched Bradshaw win 3 Superbowls (dating myself) but I would still rather have Big Ben #7. He should have been league and superbowl MVP in 08 we had no offensive line no running game and the toughest schedule in 42yrs according to the power ranking we went 12-4 and Ben puts together the Greatest last minute drive in Superbowl history nothing against Santonio Holms but if Manning or Brady or any other Q.B. makes that throw they are MVP but they give it to Holms who dropped a much easier catch one play earlier Big Ben Is plain and simply THE MAN!!!

  2. Does everyone hate Ben for one year, that started really well? They wouldn’t classify him as “elite,” then fine. He has all the evidence alone with just the Play-off appearances by itself. The Super bowl visits and wins just makes all the more special. The way this man plays the game is so unique, and I would play it exactly the same way. I look up to him because yes, I am just a teenager, but one who understands why he has always been underrated. His rookie record may never be broken, 15-1 is truly hard to come by. For a Rookie to do it, it just makes all the more special. He still plays that well, and if people would just pay attention to him, he just may get the RESPECT he deserves.

  3. Well I have to say that if anyone plays fantasy foot ball they would not rank Flacco anywhere near the top 20 let alone top 10, I had Flacco as my quarterback and he cost me the playoffs, so that goes to show you that half the games they won was from defense and pure luck not Flacco

  4. Amen Mr. Uhlmann! To quote Coach McGinty from “The Replacements” when the reporter asks what it will take to win the game, he replies, “miles and miles of heart” and Ben has just that. Add his talent to that and he is amazing. I am so proud of him and all the Steelers players/coaches. They are always #1 in my heart.

  5. Its the same old garbage….Ben has been underrated since he won the first superbowl…There is always a reason that these knuckleheads have for downplaying Ben’s amazing 9 year resume…There is always a reason why the Steelers win instead of 7…And when he plays poorly,which we have only seen in a few recent games….he gets buried into obscurity,,

    ,Truth be known….he is ,and always will be the main reeaon the Steelers are successful….He is so vital to their success.,and has so much ability,beyond what some of these guys who they now rate below him..that anybody who has followed the Steelers for the past 8 years,realize can attest ..

    …Flacco???.omg….lets put it this way,flip flop those qb’s …Ben to the Ravens,and Flacco to the Steelers …the Ravens would have made it to those two superbowls in 2008 and 20010…,not the Steelers…..Baltimore and the Steelers have always hammered each other on even terms…and the difference has always been Ben over Flacco

    …….But hey,Flacco is on a roll,God Bless him,but if takes a crap in the game Sunday…..they will have just have Kapernick over Ben…its just the way it is…but many …For years it was Rivers that was better,then it was Matt Ryan,now its Wilson,,(WHO IS AMAZING),,,,..Ben will always be regarded as really good,but not elite!!!..Except for those who really know players……Ask Ray Lewis,Ed Reed,and Terrel Suggs how good Ben is….Motivation is never a problem for Ben..I got a better idea,how about a competent OL,and just maybe one feature back…then watch #7 pull even with Brady in Superbowl victories…..

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