Steelers fans won’t be happy no matter what the outcome in week 17

In our most recent podcast, The Blitz, one of the points brought up by site owner Marc was how the fans are likely not to be happy with the Steelers this weekend no matter what happens in the final game of the season against the Browns.

Normally, and obviously, any win is a good thing in the NFL. Even when nothing is at stake, playoff wise, you want to win every game possible. Even if it’s just to finish off a sub par season on a high note, you take every win you can get. For fans though, this final game is likely to have a different feel than most weeks.

Should the Steelers win in a blowout, fans will not be pleased because we will wonder where the offense was all year long. Why did they wait till now to put a team away, why were they finally able to do what we were looking forward to them doing all season long? Even if it is against the Browns, who are as beat up as the Steelers are, and having a worse season overall, it won’t make anyone feel any better.

If the Steelers just barely squeak by the Browns, in similar fashion to their other wins, we’ll say that they should have been able to put an inferior team away sooner. Why do they constantly let teams hang around that they should be able to handle? Are they possibly not as good a team as we all think they are?

What if the Browns beat the Steelers? Oh man will the Twittersphere erupt then! How in the world could the lowly Browns sweep the Steelers? How far has the team fallen to finish just 3-3 in the division and allow Cleveland to spend the entire offseason knowing they were able to best the Steelers?

This season has been a huge disappointment in so many respects for the Steelers and of course for the fans. Such high hopes were felt when the season started; a new offense, more experienced receivers, young new faces on the line, etc. There’s plenty of time to explore what really happened at each position and with the coaches but for now with only 1 game left we can hope for a strong ending to the season.

Or would you rather see them lose in week 17 and get a better draft pick? It’s true, we fans won’t be happy no matter what the outcome.


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9 comments on “Steelers fans won’t be happy no matter what the outcome in week 17

  1. I have been a Steeler fan my whole life and loved them win or lose, I am 69 so that has been a long time. This is the first year that I believe they were not conditioned well, they did not play 60 minutes of football and they had at least 5 losses by teams that were beaten by sub par teams. Great teams win, good teams find ways to win and bad teams give up. This team gave up and that is no ones fault except Tomlin. He had been given all the accolades for winning a Superbowl but that was Dick’s defense and Cowards team, he did nothing. We lost a Super bowl because of poor play calling and the defense on the field most of the game. We have not played up to Noll and Coward standards in the last few years and we have become a sub-par team. Nobodys fault except Tomlin, he was given a great team and a storied franchise and has broken it down to a poor team.

    • Really all Tomlin’s fault? Can’t buy off on that one, there is plenty of blame on him and plenty to go around. As such an old steeler fan you should remember the time we went 6-10 twice under Bill Cowher, once after winning super bowl 40! Worst conditioned team is debatable. Lot of issues that should have been addressed were not such as special teams and why we continue to try to be a pound and run team when the offense and offensive line is geared for passing and high octane.

      • Sorry chuck those two 6-10 seasons were 1999 and 2003 under cowher we went 8-8 ater superbow 40 the same record we will have this year and also 7-9 under cowher one year with three straight years not even making the playoffs!. Maybe the organization will be less tolerable of Tomlin because he is black rooney rule or no rooney rule someone tried to elon=borate on that by saying the fans and times have changed which is a polite way to say what I just said, nothing has changed in the nfl you must win football games in this league to stay gainfully employed and Tomlin has some agjustments to makem dont go nuclear now we will be fine great organizations adapt and overcome! Steeler forever!!

        • I hate the Steelers but I have to respect them and Bigsmooth you are 100% correct. Tomlin came in and all he did was win. Now he has injury after injury and White America wants him fired. Now I want to see if old Chuck will want him fired after he turns things around and wins once again.

          Reminds me of all the fools who wanted Bush II.

  2. You make compelling points Chuck, if I were to play devil’s advocate one could say that he did indeed inherit a super bowl winning team, but now those players are old and need to be replaced. Perhaps the recovery process will take longer than we like. Poor drafting in later rounds have also not helped this team at all, they’ve basically been building their team on 3 draft picks per year (higher rounds) and the rest are just fodder. A few exceptions yes, but overall they really need to hit on more draft picks if they aren’t going to use free agency.

  3. I agree too with Chuck, no one says it, but I place the Steelers failures squarely in the hands of Tomlin. Back in the Cowher days, there weren’t as many good players, but you bet they played there heart out all 60 mins regardless of the circumstances. This team played as if they couldn’t wait to get home every Sunday and grab a beer, idk. But games like the game against San Diego were just pathetic. 8 fumbles is unheard of…rotating 4 backs is inefficient, doesn’t give anyone rhythm or much confidence. Hopefully Tomlin will improve as a coach. Because even when they made it to the Super Bowl, the play calling has been sub-par, to say the least. I also don’t understand the constant waves of injuries. Something has to change, fast.

  4. That’s where I can’t play devils advocate as much as some because the game management by Tomlin is just beyond terrible. Injuries can’t always be helped but putting your team in a situation to be successful can. Asking a kicker to boot one 56 yds when you know he can’t do it is just ridiculous; should have learned from the last time he tried from 54 yds.

    The RB rotation was pathetic all year long, the way the WR’s were handled leaves much to be desired. The failed “message” to Wallace was pointless. Why wasn’t there one sent to Sanders who coughed it up in 4 straight games if I remember right? Things like this, and the overall game plan each week or lack thereof makes me wonder about the future of this team. Tomlin doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes.

  5. the Cincy game was the icing on the cake. He goes for it on 4 and 1 at mid-field with an up the gut running play > ok . Now it’s 3 and 1 at the Cincy 3 yd line and he goes empty back field and then kicks a FG on 4th down .How about 2 running plays > if you can’t make a yard then call it a year .

    The man is great with cliches and slick with the press but dumb as dirt when the pressure is on.

    No one but Ben could have won 2 super bowls with the given o-lines but he’s another one who doesn’t process information when the pressure is on

  6. Amazing how folks turns this into a racial issue, just like everything else, Tomlin cannot coach, its obvious, he stands on the sideline unemotional, and frankly like a deer caught in the headlights, his expression is what do i do now, what do i do now, and if the douche was white i,d say the same thing, he sucks, stinks, whatever. How many times did the team come out unprepared? come on folks how many? pretty much all of them. flat, underperforming, and injuries dont count, every team has them and still continues to win. I suppose you voted for Obama just because hes black, and never once looked at the wrong he done this nation, NDAA, NDRP, wiretapping, run us over the fiscal cliff, yeah its easy when you dont like the truth to cry racism, well boy it dont work anymore.

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