Mike Tomlin’s Steelers with zero playoff wins in last 3 out of 4 seasons.

The loss to the Bengals is still all to fresh in our minds, but this puts it into some perspective for everyone. If you’re a supporter of Mike Tomlin, that’s fine. If you’re a detractor then that’s fine too. Either way, changes need to happen, and not just little ones.

If major changes aren’t made by Mr Cliche and Kevin Colbert who is also to blame for this debacle of a season this year then it will easily become 4 out of 5 seasons with no playoff wins and around here that is completely and totally unacceptable.

This team under Tomlin this season has no identity what so ever and it seems as if it lacks a great deal of leadership on both offense and defense. This team was 6-3 after 9 games and had a playoff spot well in hand at that point and even had a great chance of winning the division and then boom they lose 5 out of their next 6 and if not for a Charlie Batch miracle win in Baltimore this team would be staring hard at a 6 game losing streak.
They were unprepared week in and week out and were terrible late in games down the stretch. A lot of people say that Mike Tomlin is not going anywhere but you have to ask yourself if the next 2 seasons end the same way this one ended this year and this team misses the playoffs the next 2 years which is quite possible then the Rooney’s have to strongly consider and take a long hard look at getting rid of Tomlin.

Because what happened this year with this team having another late season meltdown the 3rd under Tomlin in the 6 years he has been here is just completely and totally unacceptable…This has got to change and get better next season and going forward because right now this team is a trainwreck on offense in particular. It always starts at the top with Mike Tomlin whether we like it or not.

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6 comments on “Mike Tomlin’s Steelers with zero playoff wins in last 3 out of 4 seasons.

  1. Tomlin and Haley must go immediately. Tomlin took a champion and turned them into a group of underachievers. Tomlin cannot motivate a team loaded with talent. They do not seem to want to play for him. Haley has a been a disaster. He brought the KC loser offesnse to Pittsburgh. The Rooney’s need to either bring back Cowher or hire Tony Dungee.

  2. I doubt at this point if Cowher will ever return to coaching. He’s got his easy job with CBS and he can keep his golf game up..LOL. Same with Dungy and NBC.

    I don’t think Tomlin will be able to make a change from Haley in 2013 even if he wants too; that was a Rooney hire because of his running offense in KC. That’s what they want but this team is built to throw the ball.

    Who knows what will happen next season but I know one thing, injuries weren’t the only reason this team failed.

  3. Have faith Steeler fans. This too was another bad year with some bad injuries and some bad play calling. There is so much talent on this team with some good coaching. Let’s get it together for next year and keep Steeler nation going.

  4. Enough Said! He inherited a Super Bowl team and won with them, then drove the dynasty into the dirt and this is where we are right now!!!! He talks a good game but clearly chokes when it matters!!! Look at how many stupid mistakes he has made over the years with the game on the line!!! He clearly has no clue what he is doing and needs to go and lets get back on track of being a feared team in the NFL!!!!! Tomlin, nothing personal but you are not a head coach the Steelers or Stiller fans can count on when the game is on the line!!! Stats don’t lie, look at the facts and everyone will agree, he needs to go back to being an assistant.

  5. That’s a real good point, Tomlin inherited a super bowl winning team similar to what Barry Switzer did in Dallas. They won their championship and since then it’s been questionable at best. Yeah Tomlin got them back a few years ago against Green Bay, but the track record surrounding that appearance and since then is just not good.

    They need to continue to get more depth because the veterans simply cannot stay healthy for an entire season. Good strides have been made with early round draftees lately but clearly there is a lot of work to be done.

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