Steelers’ Haley Off to Arizona? Don’t Be So Sure

Todd HaleyWhat we know is that former Pittsburgh Steelers’ offensive coordinator and current Arizona Cardinals’ head coach Ken Whisenhunt is likely to be out of a job within the next two weeks. After a Super Bowl appearance that seems like a century ago, Whisenhunt teams have struggled especially the last couple of years. After a 4-0 start the team then lost nine straight before beating Detroit last week. The writing is on the wall and Whiz will soon be on the NFL’s unemployment line.

As is the case, the NFL rumor mill is spinning wildly already. Rumors started this week that Steelers’ offensive coordinator Todd Haley could be on the short list of candidates in the desert. As is always the case with rumors, we need to be careful about how much credence we put into these stories.

The first question is why would Haley still be a head coaching candidate? While the offense in Pittsburgh has had moments of being better than recent years, many of the same problems still exist for this team. Haley’s less-than-exemplary on-field behavior in Kansas City certainly isn’t without precedent from other coaches, but is that what the Cardinals’ ownership wants?

Let’s not forget that Haley is a ‘burgh native and perhaps he’s happy being home right now and isn’t necessarily looking for anywhere to go. Unless of course he wants to get his golf game back in top form on the courses of Arizona.

The Cardinals will obviously have a very high draft pick but with that current quarterback situation that job is a death trap. Would Haley really want to take a chance on potentially his last opportunity to be a head coach where he would have to deal with a rookie QB? I would certainly have second thoughts but just me.

There is obviously some talent in Arizona on both sides of the ball, but typically most former head coaches only get one more shot at being a head coach and I don’t think I would want it to be there. Plus you have to believe defensive coordinator Ray Horton may get a look as well for the job.

I would tread cautiously here Steelers’ fans. I know many of you would love to see him go but I would punch that ticket just yet.

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2 comments on “Steelers’ Haley Off to Arizona? Don’t Be So Sure

  1. Haley leaving after one just wouldn’t make any sense. For him I’m sure he’d love to be an HC again but any team would be crazy to take him on again right away. Until this Steelers offense is firing on all cylinders I think Tomlin is pretty safe in thinking he’ll have Haley around next season. Even as inconsistent as BA was, he had years of experience and Big Ben to use as a reference and that was just for another OC job.

    He says he’s excited about being in Pittsburgh, with all the family history here so I’m guessing he’ll stick around for awhile, rebuild his reputation as a coach and then maybe move on in a few years if he wants too.

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