This Steelers Team is Not Going to the Playoffs

As badly as I want to be wrong about that statement, someone please tell me why it is inaccurate? The 2012 Pittsburgh Steelers entered this season with questions as does every team in the NFL, but we knew this team was going to be different. I know I for one couldn’t believe that the losses of James Farrior, Aaron Smith and Hines Ward would affect this team as they have and I don’t mean on the field.

This team lacks leadership. It lacks accountability. It lacks urgency and it lacks thought. And that goes for every man from the top of the organization to the bottom. The excuses are mounting and no one wants to hear them. Yes this team suffered greatly today because of the injuries to the secondary, but good teams overcome that. Furthermore, every team is dealing with injuries right now.

When a team is lacking its’ best players, the others have to step up. James Harrison stepped up at times today and so did Ryan Clark. Can anyone tell me where LaMarr Woodley has gone? I don’t believe he was in the same zip code as Tony Romo at any point in today’s game.

The ‘Young Money Crew’ is almost becoming its’ own punchline. If ever you could say one man cost his team a game today, you could probably point at Antonio Brown. His excellent 31-yard punt return nullified by a fumble when the team was up by seven. Another bone-headed play when allowed a punt near the two-minute warning to land rather than fielding it. It cost the Steelers 30 yards in field position. And the clincher was when he ran out of bounds allowing the Cowboys to have more time on the clock.

For Mike Wallace’s effort today, Ben Roethlisberger’s interception summed that up. As Brandon Carr struggled to get to his feet, Wallace stood there as if he were expecting an invitation from Carr to tackle him. And Emmanuel Sanders left the game with bruised ribs suffered on a play where in my opinion, he fumbled the football (it was ruled he didn’t complete the catch).

Where the hell would this team be without Heath Miller? All the guy does is make play after play. He blocks, he catches, he does it all yet he still finds himself playing second-fiddle to a group of guys more interested in what they do after the play rather than during it.

Complain all you’d like about Roethlisberger’s overtime interception. I admit, it was a poorly thrown ball. Way off line and much too far to the inside of Mike Wallace. The bigger problem was why was this team even in that situation? As far as I’m concerned the game turned in two specific moments. One of course was the Brown fumble but the other came near the beginning of the second half.

Pittsburgh had the ball at mid-field with a chance to put some points on the board. Even a field goal there would have been tolerable. Two runs then a poorly thrown dump off pass that probably wouldn’t have gotten a first down anyway and the opportunity was blown. What is it going to take for Todd Haley to realize this team needs to spread out the defense, dump this two-tight end crap and throw the football?!?!?

Of course the way the receivers hang onto it might steer one away from that but I digress…

If there are not problems inside the locker room then I would be surprised. Losing reveals character issues and I’m willing to bet there are several characters revealing themselves as I type. Ben is questioning the play-calling, (as he should) and I guarantee there is finger-pointing of one degree or another.

This team is starting to remind me of the 2009 squad that lost five straight, finished 9-7 and missed the playoffs. Of course the one difference is that those Steelers won their final three games and these Steelers need to win their final two.

While my heart tells me they can, my head sees nothing in them to make me believe they can even win one the way things are going. Mike Tomlin is captaining a sinking ship right now and I don’t see nearly enough life rafts for everyone over the final two weeks.

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12 comments on “This Steelers Team is Not Going to the Playoffs

  1. this is mike wallace contract season and I’m glad the Ronies didn’t give him what he was asking for, I hope he take his PRIMA DONA ASK somewhere that’s willing to put up with a drama QUEEN not KING. The Steeler’s didn’t have to lose that game last night but the PRIMA DONA mike wallace didn’t want to break a nail. If the Streeler’s could get a player like Larry Fitzgerald, who is a strong receiver who will catch, fight, run and block. that’s why he is worth his weight in GOLD.
    SITTTT mike wallace for the rest of the season, he is losing money because of himself, nobody else. I can’t stand him, he is another Terrell Owens, Thad O, PRIMA DONA’S with DRAMA, JOBLESS .

  2. Finally someone is speaking the truth about this Steeler team. They have no desire to win. The coaching has been terrible along with the play making and the players. Maybe some losing seasons with better draft picks will help this team.

    • Thanks for reading Mike. I wish I didn’t have to be the voice of the truth because I’d much rather be writing about a team dominating its’ opponents but it isn’t to be in 2012. The Rooneys are very stable and if indeed we do lose or split the final two I don’t expect major changes other than a few position coaches. Perhaps the most disappointing thing about this team is the lack of fire and urgency. Very sad from a good group of vets.

  3. I agree with everything said. How could Wallace not have run down Carr after that interception??? We need to clean house. Haley,Tomlin and Ben aren’t going anywhere but Wallace needs to go and we need new running backs and defense. Injection of free agent veteran leadership would be nice. If Brandon Jacobs not happy in SF, maybe he could be gotten on the cheap and do better than what we currently have.

    • Thanks for reading Sam. Wallace is a head case plain and simple and has been over the years especially this one. I like the idea of Jacobs but his history of locker room problems would probably steer the Steelers away from him.

  4. I believe they will make the playoffs, even though, right now, they are on the outside looking in. Their last two games are at home against Cincinnati and Cleveland. There backs are against the wall, but if they win these two games, they are in. It will give them a 9-7 record, and if Cincy wins its last game, it will give them a 9-7 record. Steelers in due to the tie-breaker. When was the last time the Steelers were swept by the Browns? Not gonna happen this year.

    They probably aren’t going to go far in the playoffs given that they are 3-5 on the road this year, and have been inconsistent all year long. But I believe they will step up in the last two home games to get the wins and make the playoffs.

    • Thanks for reading Scott. I wish I shared your optimism… Two wins and we are in for sure but this team just hasn’t shown me anything in the last five weeks to convince me they can win two straight. Would it surprise me if the Steelers did win two straight? No, simply because nothing in this league shocks me anymore. The match-ups of their receivers vs our secondary gives them (cincy) a huge advantage and with no rush we are in trouble.

  5. I think the biggest problem is, with the Steelers over the past few games, is faliure to launch. The offense does not appear to show up until there are two minutes left in the first half. The main question is why? 1. The defense has been on the field too much. 2. Drops and fumbles by the Wide Receiving core. 3. Ben still seems rusty at the begining of the game. 4. The offense is to predictible in the running game. The solutions, get back to ball control offense(easy to say) but can be done by rectifying the other three major problems. 2. Recievers have to step up. 3. Start the gamewith a hurry up or pass first offense get Ben lossened up. Hand the ball to the full back every once and a while and design a play to run to the outside, remember the play called a sweep. Play action then a quick pitch to Rainey or Dwyer crack back with a pull. Stay away from reciever screens for a week or two they are not working. Lastly, everyone needs to play like they can be the difference instead of waiting for Troy, Ben or Harrison to save the day.

    • Thanks for reading Mike. You make an excellent point that I discussed on Trib-Live Radio today. This offense cannot get out of its’ own way for most of the first half. As you said, the defense is then on the field way too much. There is no doubt in my mind that this offense operates better out of a spread look with one tight end but Haley sees it differently I guess.

  6. Why your wrong about saying the Steelers aren’t going to the playoff. If the Steelers win out, they are in the playoffs. They have already beaten the Bengals once at their place. So now, you tell where I am wrong?

    • Thanks for reading Jay. I guess my question would be, what has this team done in the last five weeks to make you think they’ll win two straight? They’ve lost four of five and they beat Cincy a long time ago. The Bengals are a point away from having a six game winning streak and have better receivers than Dallas does. With no Ike and no Keenan Lewis I don’t see us winning.

  7. Young money for sheazy and it doesn’t matter how sorry they play. there still rich. Its not the same league anymore. Its all entertainment now. Fixed like WWE except WWE looks more realistic then fake fumbles. and oops they messed up so will pick up the flag. Reallly throw a flag and then say my bad I didn’t mean to throw it, how many times does that happen? The Saints did this and that. there all paid big money to take out the QB every defender in the game. Should I play sanchez or tebow. Ray Lewis and Suggs ouch my Bicep.Its a big soap opera for men. Someone that has the funds has the perfect opportunity to start up a real league.

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