Ben Speaks of Injury; Here Come ‘Drama’ Comments

Yesterday I mentioned Pittsburgh Steelers’ Head Coach Mike Tomlin was in a no-win situation heading into the contest with the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday. I realized a long time ago that Steelers’ QB Ben Roethlisberger was in a similar situation regarding his health.

Earlier today Roethlisberger spoke to the media before practice and talked about having some pain and discomfort in his throwing shoulder. He said there’s a chance he could play this Sunday afternoon in Baltimore and would know more after practice today. Like any quarterback, Roethlisberger is concerned about whether he has the strength and zip in his arm to compete at the highest of levels.

The sad part for Roethlisberger is that if he does what he did today, meaning he sits down to chat with the media folks about his health, then many perceive it as him being dramatic as usual. The problem is that if he doesn’t sit down with the media or anyone else for that matter then speculation will run rampant about just what his condition is.

I’ll be the first to admit that Roethlisberger can certainly be a bit over the top when discussing his injuries and perhaps he has created the ‘drama queen’ image himself by being that way at times. What’s sad is that he really is in a no-win situation because we know the guy is as tough as they come when it comes to playing hurt.

The questions will mount however should he play and not play well at all in Baltimore which is exactly why I think he sits this week. He said as much today in referencing the fact that if he can’t play well then he isn’t helping his team.

If you know football and you know the Steelers then you know how to take everything that Ben Roethlisberger says and does. Unfortunately there are folks inside and outside of Steelers Nation that really don’t appreciate the guy the way he deserves to be appreciated. My guess is he really doesn’t care what any of us have to think and that comes with maturity and being 30 years old and being a new father.

He can be as dramatic as he wants to be as long as he is the quarterback for the Steelers as far as I’m concerned because he won’t be able to win one way or the other with anything he says, but rather with what he does.

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